Hand-crafted from solid stainless steel, this medal will quickly become the favorite on your medal rack.


We’ve gone something different with our race shirts this year. Instead of including them with registration, they are now an optional purchase. This allowed us to lower the cost of the race and provide a better quality shirt.


Every 50K finisher will receive one of the beautiful, custom-made wood coasters. Enjoy this constant reminder of your awesomeness every time you set a beer on it.


This is a cup-less race. All aid stations will provide hydration, but you will need your own cup.

Don’t have a race cup? No worries, we are providing a HydraPak SpeedCup for every runner.


The top 3 men and women for each distance will receive one of these special Red Hills Ramble race posters.

“First trail race I had ever run… what was I thinking?”

Arturo E.

“Red Hills is a technically challenging run where every step counts. This race can satisfy beginners and seasoned runners.”

Rod A.

“It is a great course, awesome support, well organized and can’t forget the beautiful views …wait did I mention beer… there’s that too!”

Cathy S.

“It was my first trail race. I learned what technical meant to trail running. Rocks, lots of rocks! And of course, El Guapo.”

John R.

“It’s Red Hills and DB.. win-win situation.”

Nu V.

Great training trail for a 50k… I hated to love it! Got Er done!!

Julia H.

“I like the beer when it’s over.”

Justin S.

“The most technical race you’ll ever run without a lot of vertical gain.”

Peter F.

“It is beautiful and challenging. I conquered El Guapo!! You can too!”

Kathy P.

“The course where I was happy when I got lost. I love this challenge!!”

Susana P.

“The Ramble is challenging, peaceful, and a lot of fun with some incredible people!”

Brian B.

“It’s a challenging run but filled with fun.”

Michelle C.

“Best aid stations!”

Carmen P.

“First-time trail runners, or seasoned veterans of dirt, this race has something for everyone!”

Daren S.

“RHR was my first DB race. Love the challenge of the terrain as much as the beautiful views. It was well organized and I loved meeting like-minded, equally crazy people.”

Annika H.

“Sarah cheated on me with a skeleton. I drank whiskey at an aid station. There were rocks and hills, and then mud and hills, and then mud and rocks and hills. Let’s do it all again next year.”

Matt A.

“Dirty people…clean beer…and the soup !!”

Sean C.